I just learned that my kids will not go back to school.

I am glad for this. I think it is the safest choice. I also learned that their last day of school will be May 13th, which means I have four more weeks of being their school guide. I am struggling with this. Let’s do a little math lesson.

I have three kids. Each of them needs parental support about 10 times per day for a total of 30 parental support units (PSU). I have 1 supportive husband who is also a good dad. Therefore, we have 2 active parents to respond to each parental support required. This equates to about 15 PSUs per parent per day.

How long will it take for Brad and Maggie to lose their minds?

I love my kids. I have enjoyed the extra time with them. I also feel mostly unable to focus and complete work most days. I get it done, but it’s a real challenge. My husband and I work in 15 minute increments except when we have zoom calls. This is hard. Our socialized tendency in situations like this is to remind ourselves that other people have it harder. In many cases they do.

However, for every single person on the planet right now, this is hard for different reasons. Your hard matters too. Acknowledging that it’s hard won’t make you weak or cause you to somehow lose your humility. All it will do is reconnect you to the voice inside that is saying, “hey, it’s okay that it’s hard. We can do hard things.”

When we shut that down because other people have it harder, we ignore our own well-being. We take our own proverbial oxygen masks off.

No matter what your circumstances, you are doing better than you realize and you are not failing when you feel like this is really difficult. Because it IS really difficult.