I have some big news. I want to share it here. 

This past year, I have been in discernment to become an Episcopal Priest… so has Brad. Early in December, we both got a lovely letter from our Bishop who was delighted to tell us that we are both officially ready to go on to the next phase. Now, I imagine you have some questions.

Question: Will you quit your business?
Answer: No. As it stands now, I will be working toward what is called a blended vocation, which means that I will become a priest who is actively a part of the church and serving the world through my business.

Question: Will you get all preachy?
Answer: No. I will grow and evolve, but I have been a deeply faithful person all along. My service here to this community has already been informed by my faith and Christianity. If you felt you belonged here before, I believe you will continue to feel you belong here. As a Christian, I believe we ALL belong. Full stop. If you want to be a part of this community, regardless of your faith, you are welcome here.

Question: What’s next?
Answer: Since Brad and I are both going to become priests, we have a lot of variables to consider. At some point, we will both go to seminary to get our Masters in Divinity.

Let me say, I am so deeply grateful for the gift of this group of people. For those who have known and been praying and cheering this past year, thanks for that. Thank you all for the love.