A Big Thing

I am about to do a big thing.  I am about to speak to a room full of 450 fellow professionals.  And I have some hard things to say. Remember that blog post where two big league professionals suggested I was “fringe”? I didn’t get that reputation lightly.   I speak...

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Spectacular Moments

About 20 years ago, this time in late July, I was bowling with my friends. We were the group of kids who loved to have raucous fun and get good grades and be good at sports, so we were bowling. Some might call us nerds, but we were way too cool...

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Conflate the Good

Dr. Brene Brown can lay down some wisdom like no one else I know. She says a lot of poignant things. The thing that personally hit me like a ton of revelatory bricks is, “you can’t selectively numb. If you numb the bad you numb the good.” Boom. Done. If her research...

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A Little Pixie Dust

Several months ago I was on the phone with two fairly powerful professionals in my industry. They had been given my name because someone thought I might be a good speaker for the networking groups they lead.  As we got our conversation started they preemptively told...

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Affirmations and Invitations

I recently got to see and hear Nadia Bolz-Weber right here in Cincinnati. Nadia is a priest. A famous one. I think her new title is Public Theologian.  Nadia spoke for 30 or so minutes and then opened for the floor for discussion. One woman boldly stated she was a...

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Unravelling and Emotional Generosity

I just put my two year old back in bed for the umpteenth time at 9:45 pm. I put him in bed, and took his blankie and laid it out on his pillow like he likes.  I gestured for him to come lay his head down by patting on the pillow with my hand.  He shook his head no. So...

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