You’re either growing or you’re dying

My mom... well, I have tried to write a post about my mom for the past three years, and I cannot find the words to say what she means to me. And y’all know I love my words. So if I can’t find them, get the gist. She’s all the things to me. Remember in my...

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Walk Toward Your Failures

It’s the new year. It’s the time of the year where you’ll be reminded that most likely you will be in the statistic of people who fail at their new year resolution unless you’re good enough to just be better. It’s the time of year when health people think, “if I just...

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Being Adequate

I set out to be adequate and that resulted in me looking up for the day and saying, “This is enough. I am enough. No more will get done.” Unintentionally, in that, I learned so much about myself. I learned how to separate the needs of others from my responsibility.  I learned how to stop managing other people for my comfort.  I learned how to be helpful without being the hero. 

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It’s Time To Break Up With Your Food

“I just don’t want to be on my death bed thinking, ‘I shouldn’t have had the chocolate cake.’,” she said and we both cracked up laughing.  Can you imagine holding on to the guilt of a food choice even at the very end?  This is the thought that brought it all into...

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New Year’s Limitations

As someone who appreciates personal growth and renewal so much that I made a career helping others with it, I get quite excited to invest in the idea of a new year with new potential.  At the same time, I have recognized for a long time that New Year’s resolutions...

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