Dear God, welcome to my day. Dear Love, I need you.

The incredible Liz Gilbert recently shared a 20 year standing daily practice she has. She writes a note to love. She says, “Love, I need you.” And she listens for Love’s reply.

I started this, too. I am three weeks in and it’s been really helpful. This 10 minutes with a pen in my hand reconnects me to the most nourishing sources inside me… God, Love, and myself.

I believe love is unconditional. I believe love is not transactional.

Love needs nothing from me. As I sit there and listen for Love’s reply while I am churning with all the other noise of our world that makes me crunchy and uncomfortable and frequently puts me in a funky mood, I can begin to sort out my voice from Love’s voice.

I say, “I am tired.” Love says, “love and tired aren’t mutually exclusive. I am here in your tired.”
I say, “they test my boundaries.” Love says, “But you are safe with me.”

I say, “wow, thank you for these gifts in my life.” Love says, “Yes! Let’s play today!”

Thank you Liz Gilbert for your vulnerable wisdom. Thank you Love for being with me.