There are people in my life who simply don’t get me. The way I do life doesn’t work for them.

They don’t get it. I disrupt the rules they are playing by.

I know these people don’t like me, and that hurts.

I wish them no harm, but I’ve learned that it’s also not my responsibility to change who I am to make them more comfortable.

I am an empath. I am deeply intuitive about other people’s feelings. My family experienced loads of grief when was a kid, so I used my leadership to serve those around me experiencing deep grief. It became a really helpful skill set for me. I liked how I was serving. I liked who I was.


As an adult, and as my community expanded, I continued to use this skill set. At some point there were so many things I was trying to become for everyone else, I lost the ability to know who I was. To every strength there is a shadow side.

In facing the shadow side of my strengths, I felt like a failure. But the truth is, I am not a failure.
I just needed to reclaim my strengths for myself, which means knowing that there are people who don’t like me because I disrupt the rules they are playing by, and re-centering on who I am and what I believe I am here on this earth to do.
You were incredibly made.

In the words of the band Cloud Cult, “You came up from the ground from a million little pieces. You’re a pretty human being.”

If someone doesn’t get that about you, I am sorry. It’s really hard to know that people don’t always get you and that not everyone one is going to love you.

Take a moment to let that hurt, because it does. Then, re-center on the million little pieces that Love crafted with you in mind.