This summer, I was twenty pounds over the weight I feel most comfortable with.

I also knew I wasn’t going to be attempting to change that because I was focusing on some personal growth in other areas of my life. I am like most women. I struggle with my body image.

At the pool I was sitting next to my friend. I said to her, “I am working really hard to be okay with my body. I know lots of women would love to have my figure. I want to see myself the way they see me.” I also noted that I look to her for leadership because she seems very comfortable with herself.

She laughed, and said, “That’s funny because I look to you for the same reasons.” We decided that we are rock stars and forever have each others’ backs. She said, “sometimes when I am running I can feel my body jiggling. I start to get down on myself, but then I think, hey! I am out here running!” To which I replied, “Exactly!!!!”

And then she said the BEST THING EVER…“Don’t let Lizzo down!”