A week or two ago I had a day where I felt flat.

Not bad, just flat. It was a day I had planned to be full of energy and productivity for the new year. But, it was baseline. It was also the first day back to work after Christmas break. In my flatness, I started to look for a reason, or more aptly said, who was to blame. Luckily, I knew all of the things that came to mind were bullshit.

So I was flat for no reason. There was nothing to solve or psychoanalyze or fix.

I had a huge list of things to do because I was supposed to be energetic and productive and kick ass. I decided I would simply do those things anyway.

I reached out to my friends and said, I am flat today. But I also believe that love is creating when we are not. I believe that we live in a generative reality. For today, I can be flat and do my work and exist and everything will be okay.

In our world of Instagram inspirational quotes and self-care and the pursuit of happiness, it’s okay to have a flat day.

Maybe self-care looks like just being cool with yourself when you’re not all glowing and bad ass.

Here’s to you and your next normal day. Here is to our dependence on a generative universe that is glowing and kick ass when we are not.