This morning, I opened the door to let my neighbor’s daughter in for the carpool.

I was still in my robe. My husband was taking the kids to school this morning. I had a moment where I thought, “oh I should have been better dressed and ready for the day.” Then I properly laughed at myself. I remembered that my neighbor also sometimes opens the door in her robe. And I love this about her.

We are winning. This is what balanced life looks like. Some mornings, we grab a few extra minutes of sleep knowing we can shower and prepare for the day AFTER we help our kids get ready. The price we pay is the judgement of people we do not know who think we should have done better.

We have let go of the trappings of perfectionism.

My neighbor and I, we break the unspoken rules of perfectionism “required” to live in our neighborhood. We live in a fancy neighborhood so our kids can go to a fancy school. All of this fancy-ness attracts a lot of fancy people. She and I… we are not fancy. We don’t treat our lawns, we sometimes open the door in our robe, and sometimes… we even let our kids leave their bikes in the front yard!

I could be working harder to fulfill the unspoken rules of my neighborhood, but that’s not what I value. I value love and joy and comfy robes and a balance of work and rest. To be clear, I have zero judgement of anyone who has a value of manicured lawns, tidy toys, and precise morning routines.

I just want us all to stop running races we cannot win. Chasing values to be perceived as something I am not will only lead to exhaustion.

Moral of the story, you choose what’s right for you. Go You!