I set some goals to invest in my physical health.

I am 37 and in the past nine years I have been pregnant or breastfeeding for six of them. My responsibility to my physical health was based on the premise of “good enough.”

My youngest child is now two. When he was a year old, I knew I was done breastfeeding and wasn’t going to be having any other kids. I set some physical health goals then, but I didn’t stick with them. Internally, I oscillated between being gentle with myself in my failure and trying to re-motivate myself. Occasionally, I was hard on myself, but in my line of work I know better and quickly moved on.

I was stuck. I was also tired. So rather than continuing my try/fail cycle, I changed my commitment. I focused on rest and celebration.

If you have been following me on social media, this is no surprise to you.

This year, on my 37th birthday, after a year of centering on rest and celebration, I tried again. Guess what?! I am succeeding. Last night I was tired. I didn’t want to exercise.

I did it anyway. Success!

After a year of recovery from 8 VERY difficult life years, finally I was able to be successful. If you are stuck in a cycle of try/fail…it’s okay to try something else.

Keep doing the best you can in the meantime, and know that you are on a journey moving forward.