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Your employees are the first representatives of your brand.  Their performance matters to your bottom line and your corporate potential. Employee benefit and wellness programs have the capacity to enhance employee wellbeing, and subsequently, performance at work, but are often under-utilized.

We deploy unique strategies to increase engagement in your benefit and wellness investment, transform your culture, and open employees’ potential to invest more fully in their personal growth and professional performance.  

Our Strategies

Optimizing employee potential through coaching

Based in the science of self-determination theory, our Personal Coaching goes way beyond a transactional passing of knowledge and prescriptive health plans and leaves clients with a sense of personal worthiness and possibility to create the life they desire.

Cultivating a positive culture through team development

We use the science of micro-influence, developed by the marketing industry, to create movements of change in your organization. We create a collective responsibility for all employees to use their social capital for good and positively impact one another.

Providing Wholistic Wellness Programs

We provide programs that encompass the wellbeing of the whole employee and broaden the scope of your strategic offerings. We will also develop programs for you based on your employee needs.  With our diverse scope of experience, we can create or help you find the right solution for your strategy.

The Numbers

$ Billion

Gallup estimates that actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. $483 billion to $605 billion each year in lost productivity.


More Indirect Costs

US employers spend 200-300% more on indirect costs of health care (absenteeism, sick days, lower productivity) than they do on actual health care.

Wellbeing Coaching: Hear from the employees we have helped.


69% of coaching participants reported higher levels on the Cantril’s Self-Anchoring Ladder of Life Satisfaction; 30% of those respondents increased by at least 3+ points on the 10 point ladder

Coaching Participant: “The Coaching program has had a significant impact on my ability to be effective in my job, to creatively manage job-related stress, and to successfully adapt to work-related changes that are beyond my control. I have worked with other coaches in the past, but this approach is unique in that it combines a solid philosophy of overall health and well-being that integrates mind, body and spirit.” 

All-In Team Development

Organizational Culture is created through a million micro-moments between employees in connection with one another. This training addresses those influential moments to empower employees to reflect, discover, and own the very culture in which they work.

Using the science of behavior change and micro-influence, employees will gain the skills necessary for healthy connection with their colleagues, their bosses, and their customers. Mastering these skills will cultivate healthy connection that is amplified through influence, creating company wide culture change.

Employees become collectively responsible to a thriving culture that doesn’t require top- down or bottom – up management, but instead, gives every employee an equal opportunity to own success within organizational culture.

This three hour training can be provided in one session or over a period of three weeks. Some companies choose to select teams that need additional development while others maximize the value by training the whole company.

Wholistic Programs

Fresh Perspective Weight-loss Program
This four part series addresses the common barriers that inhibit intrinsic motivation and
deter behavior change. Employees focus on an entire shift from yo-yo dieting to a wholistic lifestyle change.

This four week series develops accountability to fitness goals. Participants learn how
to create appropriate fitness goals and use social media and weekly meetings to support healthy accountability.

Finding Purpose
Using Dr. Vic Strechor’s book Life On Purpose, we will look at the science behind purpose and how it supports our physical health. Participants will be able to discern their purpose as it applies to their work.

Our Partners

Meet our colleagues that collaborate with us to create better solutions.

Sara Rauch, MS

Director of Strategic Initiatives, WELCOA

Mitch Martens

Employee Wellness Administrator, Cedars-Sinai Health System

Christine Morris

Wellbeing & Engagement Consultant, Gallagher Consulting

Geno Church

Discovery and Strategy Director, Brains On Fire

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