I got some advice from a fellow entrepreneur who shared that through her 8 years of running a non-profit, there were many times she had to quit for the day.

In the early weeks of this crisis, my team and I performed at our highest capacity to save the business. And we did. We saved the business.

Then, I crashed. I tried many days to start fresh. I told myself at the end of each day, “okay, tomorrow you will be back to high functioning.” Each day, I struggled. I was weepy and tired and unmotivated. I did not like it.

So I quit for the week. Then another. I remembered all the things I wrote here to this community about the wisdom of my own experience of resting to find creativity again. I didn’t like it, but I trusted it.

I held faith and hope that my rest would return me to my creativity again.

It did. I have a new vigor this week. I have ideas. I have a desire to create new things.

I don’t know that I will ever willingly go into the grief, but I promise you that it is the most powerfully transformative thing.

The best part is that the grief does the work. There are no programs or processes to follow. You just sit in it. I call it passive growth.

I am a master at performing and perfecting my way out of grief and difficulty, but when I sit in it, I am ALWAYS glad I didn’t miss out on what was born of it.