Self care is an act of celebration that you exist.

Let’s just start all of our discussions about health and wellness with this one truth. It will shift the way you do everything related to your weight, your exercise routine, your diet, and even your mental and emotional care. Let me tell you why.

Most of us start plans to take care of our health like this, “starting Monday I will, <insert health plan strategy> and I will do it every weekday until I weigh <insert desired weight>” In a lot of cases this is followed by the statement “This is going to suck..But I am going DO it this time!”

As a professional member of the health industry that literally capitalizes on your health failures, I have often wondered why we keep failing you and what makes successful people different. Here is my observance. People who continue to commit to their health plans actually enjoy what they are doing. They don’t do it because they have to achieve some certain goal, they do it because they want to. They like doing the thing they are doing.

Now, you might be the literal one in a million that hates the thing you are doing and have still done it for the past decade and I guess all I can say is congratulations – perhaps the thing you enjoy is masochism. This blog post won’t be for you. Not to deride your success.. you just won’t get what I am about to lay out.

According to Self Determination Theory (the most studied behavior change theory), the definition of intrinsic motivation is doing something because it is interesting and enjoyable. The dominating narrative of the health industry is you’re currently not good enough, but we have the thing you need to be better. Here in lies the reason we are capitalizing on your failure. Doing something because it is interesting or enjoyable is the reason why people who keep their commitment to their health have been successful.

Start looking at the ways in which you want to better celebrate your existence.

If you don’t want to celebrate your existence, get a therapist, depression is real and you may need professional help. If you do want to celebrate your existence, let’s think about diet. What if your new diet was eating food that made your body feel better, that indulged your tastebuds, and with people you love Now that’s a diet plan!

What if you did physical activity that made you feel like a five year old on a playground with friends that bring you laughter and joy?

What if you meditated each day because there is nowhere else in the world where the speed of life slows to a reasonable pace and your brain lights up when you are done?

What if you saw a therapist because its the only place you get to talk about yourself and no one will judge you for being too chatty or self centered?

What if you quit drinking because you missed the best parts of the party with your friends because you were in a haze and mostly numb.

Do you see the difference? None of these questions have anything to do with your worth as a human being and they have everything to do with how you want to squeeze every drop of goodness out of this one life. Self care is an act of celebration that you exist. How will you celebrate yourself today?