Recently, I had lunch with a dear friend and colleague. We hadn’t connected in at least six months.

We sat and connected for THREE hours. It was so nourishing for us both.

Did I feel the pang of guilt that my husband was home with the kids on a Saturday when we could have been having family time? YES. Did I think about the connection I was missing with my kids? YES. Did I feel like I should manage my husband’s needs and make sure he had similar time to take care of himself, even though it’s not my job to manage his needs? YES.

I am certain all of these things sound familiar.

Instead of leaning into my guilt and worry, I held steady, resisted the urge to check my phone for an urgent text from home, and reminded myself that everyone and everything would be just fine.

And everything was that. It was just fine. I came home and everyone was okay.

I wonder – how effective is our time to replenish when we spend it worrying about everything else?

This is a practice of being present. I was fully invested in my time with my friend, and it was absolutely rejuvenating.

The next time you get time to take care of yourself, resist the urge to worry about everyone and everything else.

You are degrading your own time. Be fully present. Be fully ready to receive the gifts you’re being given.