I have a friend who says that if she puts it on her calendar to run, she will do it every time…because it’s on her calendar.

My husband operates the same way. They are incredible, resilient human beings. Cheers to them.

My resilience looks a lot different from theirs.

I, on the other hand, start to feel controlled when I try to force self care because two weeks ago I said I would do it. I do put self care on my calendar, it is scheduled in so that the time is actually prioritized there. However, I require a bit more flexibility.

If my kid woke me five times the night before and I didn’t sleep, it feels important for me to honor that and give myself a break from what’s on my calendar. I know I will be more likely to get back to it tomorrow if I give myself a little breather rather than powering through.

I bet you’re wondering which way is right?

The only right way is the way that works for you. Whatever plays to your intrinsic motivation. My friend and husband are highly motivated by keeping and running a solid plan. I am highly motivated to check in with myself, judgement free and make the next best decision.

If there was a health plan that worked for everyone we would have paid for it by now.

The best method for you is the one you determine through your own wisdom.