I am a dietitian. I can attest to the science that proves how important a healthy diet is.

That being said, I can also attest to the damage our obsession with “health” (like the kind that somehow becomes a lot about our physical appearance) has caused.

I am a corporate wellness expert. I can attest to the science that proves how important a healthy body is to our capacity to live into our professional purpose, growth, and achievement (things that, naturally, are also meaningful to your employer).

But here is the thing, you can’t get to physical well-being if your head and your heart (soul) aren’t healthy.

And you can’t get to healthy employees if your business head and heart (soul) aren’t healthy.
Self care is an act of celebration that you exist.

If your attempts to live a physically healthy life are damaging to your mental and emotional health, you will continue to exist in the try/fail cycle.
If your mental and emotional health aren’t thriving, you likely won’t even begin to attempt to positively impact your physical well-being.

If you are a leader in an organization and are attempting to help people live physically healthier lives but your business practices damage people’s mental and emotional health, you’re wasting valuable resources. Before you start meddling in their personal health, make sure your business practices are also good people practices.

We belong to each other and we belong to ourselves. Take care today.