Me on the phone with my virtual assistant/social media coordinator/all-things-amazing provider:

Her: “Do you want me to put this week’s post on LinkedIn or just keep it to Insta and Facebook?”

Me: “Umm, well, last week I did post it to LinkedIn and it actually went pretty well. This week’s scheduled post certainly should go on there. It clearly has a workplace theme. But I am not sure about the week after that. Ya know, in reality all of these things I talk about are things people who work struggle with.”

Her: “I agree. It seems to me that when you have a more vulnerable/personal post, you tend to keep it off LinkedIn.”

Me: “Totally. That is the case.”

Her: “Maggie, your vulnerability is not less professional.”

Me: “….um yeah, I, um, know that. I mean, I know that. You’re right.”

Dear workplace people,


Vulnerability is what we so desperately need, that and wise virtual assistants who will kick our butts when we aren’t being the leaders we ask other people to be.

I teach in workplaces that when we lead from the core of who we are, it serves as an invitation for others to do the same. In essence, we all need to stop trying to be some version of our professional selves that proves and perfects our worth in the workplace.

We can be honest about moments when we need help. We can share when situations make us uncomfortable. We can let someone know that the work in front of us presents an opportunity for personal or professional growth.

This authenticity, which is a vulnerable choice, is the magic that breeds deeper connection and more meaningful work.

So, here is my commitment to you: even when the post is vulnerable, I will share it. I will lead from the core of who I am, so that you too can connect with the grittier, scarier, brutiful bits of life. Because we’ve all been there, and we’re in this together.